re:design brings smart business together with a team of architects, designers, engineers and craftsmen in an environment that cultivates the freedom to explore new ideas and supports the innovation of unchartered territory based on our seven founding principles of truth.

form and function work together seamlessly in each of our environments as we carefully evaluate each unique space and how we live, work and entertain at home. our design goals are never compromised and they evolve as we better understand each individual space and it’s needs.


just as form and function work leads to value.

we see all design within its context – seeking elegant solutions from a broad palate of ideas. materials, textures and colors are woven together to create a style and vision that is clear and intentional, yet open enough for creative inspiration.

in every case, we require ourselves to define our concepts by remembering the individuality of each property and the lifestyle of it’s perspective owner.


talented, caring professionals with a strong focus on design.

operating much like a traditional guild – designer, craftsmen and artisans are supported by sound business and quality control practices.

within the security of this structure, each trade finds the freedom to explore new ideas, innovate on established themes and vest themselves in each property.


rob deGaetano; owner/president -
creative director and logistical engineer. former ceo of nationally acclaimed new york design firm.


mike martin; project manager/coordinator - accomplished carpenter from the scc cabinetmakers program.


stephanie greco; design director -
lifestyle visionary.


aaron anderson; lead carpenter - skilled craftsman with a background in green building.


will rugg; master builder - 30 years of custom construction and carpentry experience


brady knowles; carpenter - veteran of the design-build process


dottie; mascot & family friend - our ‘red dot’ representative!


greenwood,ohlund & co., LLP; accounting firm
certified public accountants